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SAAB TORQUE 20154 SAAB TORQUE 20154 Restoring old cars is not only a popular pastime its also a professional industry worldwide. And this particular video example went viral in Sweden. It all started when Orio exclusive suppliers of Saab Original Parts took up the challenge of a disaffected Saab driver Magnus Eriksson. He was selling his 15-year-old jalopy with the warning Saab 9-5 estate Youll regret buying it listing in detail its many faults both past present and future. No regrets Employing their extensive knowledge of Saab gained over the years and its extensive stocks of Saab Original parts Orio tasked their engineers technicians and bodyshop specialists with a seemingly impossible mission to restore this fifteen-year-old vehicle to its original showroom condition. Their success can be judged by the genuine astonishment on the face of Erikssons daughter when Orio presented the car back to her as a virtually brand-new Saab. A Saab 9-5 Estate you will regret buying A mammoth task With over 120000 miles on the clock the list of non-functioning parts included the turbo aircon system brakes drive shaft joints wheel bearings and a whole lot more. Magnus himself was happy just to give the car away free to anyone who could prove they were of sound mind and body with the deep pockets he anticipated its new owner would soon empty and ideally a degree in mechanical engineering In the spirit of Orios recent campaign stayoriginal the company took the car into its care and began restoration by removing all the rust sorting out its many dents and scratches and re-spraying the entire car. They then set about replacing everything necessary to return the car to peak condition. Attention to detail Three technicians spent 55 hours rebuilding the engine reinstating much of the cars tired interior and replacing anything they considered might break down within the next twelve months and there was a lot. How Orio successfully rejuvenated a sad Saab