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SAAB TORQUE 2015 11 Peace of mind from a professional repair Your insurer might not recommend a Saab Approved Bodyshop but remember whoever insures your vehicle you have the final say And only a Saab Approved Bodyshop can give you the peace of mind that comes with repairs carried out by Saab-trained professionals using only Saab Original Parts. Extra peace of mind for only 25.00 With insurance companies applying increasing excess charges Saab Accident Assist can help reduce the financial risk of an accident too. Its Peace of Mind Excess Waiver is an additional benefit that covers you for twelve months against excess charges up to 250 for only 25.00. And this can be extended for up to 3 years and up to 500 excess for even greater reassurance. Register your Saab for Peace of Mind protection today Saab Accident Assist is here to help take away all the aggravation of resolving an accident so just call 0844 050 2196 and leave the rest to us. To locate your nearest bodyshop from over 70 Saab Approved Bodyshops across the UK visit now.