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Keeping Saab owners motoring SAAB TORQUE IMPROVE YOUR SURROUNDINGS Original Saab parts and accessories LETS GET CONNECTED The new Saab website and Facebook page YOULL REGRET BUYING THIS CAR How to give new life to an old Saab Welcometo Saab Torque Over the winter weve seen some exciting developments in both the real and online world of Saab and Im delighted to share them with you in this summers Saab Torque. As always they represent yet more progress in our determination to ensure Saab owners everywhere enjoy the best customer experience we can deliver. Lets start with the new up-and-running Saab website. A real step-up in quality and functionality its already been described as smooth stylish and exciting. So its well worth a visit on your desktop laptop tablet or mobile. Turn to page 2 for the full story. Thats also where youll discover that we now have a Saab Facebook page giving you and fellow Saab aficionados the best platform to keep up with the latest Saab news and stories as well as sharing your opinions photos and comments. If youre a YouTube regular you might have seen the video that went viral across Sweden. It recounts how Orio AB exclusive suppliers of Saab Original Parts took up the challenge of a disaffected Saab owner with outstanding results. Pages 4 and 5 reveal all. Viewing the video might tempt you to upgrade your own Saab. Then pages 6 to 9 are the best place to start as youll find plenty of suggestions to get you going. And once inspired contact your nearest Service Centre to see how you can give your Saab a makeover. As always youll find other helpful and informative articles on a wide range of subjects dear to the heart of any Saab driver. Theres even a new range of Saab Professional Cleaners that will improve your Saabs engine and exhaust systems even more effectively than a wash and wax does your bodywork Please read on with my best wishes for a great seasons motoring with all the sunshine and clear skies we deserve. Kind regards Corin Richards Managing Director Orio UK CONTENTS Connect with us online. Our new website and Facebook page are live 2 Reduce your in-car clutter. New Kenwood Saab navigationmultimedia system. 3 Youll regret buying this car. How Orio gave new life to an old Saab 9-5. 4 Improve your surroundings. Original Saab parts and accessories. 6 Saab stock shoots up in the UK. Our new UK Distribution Centre. 9 Get double peace of mind. Saab Accident Assist. 10 Keep your Saab factory fresh. Saab Fixed Price Repairs service. 12 Clean up your act. The new range of Saab Professional Cleaners. 13 SAAB TORQUE 20152 MENU Our new-look website is live Weve completely redesigned our website to give it a fresh new look and make it easier to use. Connect with us on Facebook Like and share with your friends today Discover how simple it is to locate your nearest Saab Service Centre. Or order Saab Original Parts and Accessories. Find out why staying original is the only way to go. And learn more about Saab Fixed Price Repairs. Dont forget to check out the special offers and discounts available exclusively to Saab Service Club members Theres so much more to see so why not go to now to discover a whole new perspective on your favourite marque Facebook is the easiest way to keep up with the latest Saab news photos and videos and make the most of our exclusive special offers. Everythings updated daily so you can be certain youll never miss a thing Saab drivers have always had plenty to say and share about their cars and our Facebook page is the best place to join the conversation. Theres even a Saab of the Week photo competition. Check this weeks winner and maybe enter your own Saab next time. Log onto Facebook and search for Saab Cars to find our page. Saab has well and truly arrived on Facebook. Like it and share with your friends now SAAB TORQUE 2015 3 Dab hands at in-car entertainment KENWOOD DNX4150DAB WVGA DVD-Receiver with built-in Navigation System Bluetooth DAB tuner 999 Why litter your Saabs interior with multiple gadgets when you can now make calls listen to music and safely navigate with just one The new Kenwood DNX4150DAB for example simply slots into the space once occupied by your old audio system leaving your passenger seat and windscreen free from all that unnecessary jumble. It also gives you everything from touchscreen control to up-to-date traffic information. Check out for yourself just how well it performs. KENWOOD DDX4015DAB WVGA DVD Receiver with Built-in DAB Tuner If navigation isnt right at the top of the list then the state-of-the-art Kenwood DDX4015DAB is the multimedia system to go for. It boasts a similar level of performance but carries a smaller price tag making it well worth going digital when you get such great sound far more station choices and easier tuning too. It also has an iPod connection so you can enjoy your own music. Specifically engineered and customised for your Saab Kenwoods new multimedia systems employ the latest digital chipset so for the first time listening to digital radio on the move is free from irritating breaks and annoying distortion. Kenwoods clever technology even switches from DAB to FM whenever theres a local signal problem. For more information and to find your nearest Saab Service Centre visit New Kenwood Saab navigationmultimedia systems 6.2 touchscreen control Digital Tick-approved digital radio with DAB Garmin European navigation with 3 years free map updates 2-Year INRIX traffic information requires Wi-Fi tethering TMC traffic information Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming HDMI for Apple MHL for Android devices with high definition video playback Built-in DSP with 7 Band Graphical Equaliser AUPEO aha radio app link control Rear-view camera input with parking guide lines 6.2 touchscreen control Digital Tick-approved digital radio with DAB Bluetooth hands-free audio streaming FM tuner with Radio Data System MWLW tuner iPod AV input switchable to additional AV input 3 pre-outs 4V 5-band graphic equalizer 2AV-in 1AV-out 1 rear camera input Steering wheel remote control terminal 469 SAAB TORQUE 20154 SAAB TORQUE 20154 Restoring old cars is not only a popular pastime its also a professional industry worldwide. And this particular video example went viral in Sweden. It all started when Orio exclusive suppliers of Saab Original Parts took up the challenge of a disaffected Saab driver Magnus Eriksson. He was selling his 15-year-old jalopy with the warning Saab 9-5 estate Youll regret buying it listing in detail its many faults both past present and future. No regrets Employing their extensive knowledge of Saab gained over the years and its extensive stocks of Saab Original parts Orio tasked their engineers technicians and bodyshop specialists with a seemingly impossible mission to restore this fifteen-year-old vehicle to its original showroom condition. Their success can be judged by the genuine astonishment on the face of Erikssons daughter when Orio presented the car back to her as a virtually brand-new Saab. A Saab 9-5 Estate you will regret buying A mammoth task With over 120000 miles on the clock the list of non-functioning parts included the turbo aircon system brakes drive shaft joints wheel bearings and a whole lot more. Magnus himself was happy just to give the car away free to anyone who could prove they were of sound mind and body with the deep pockets he anticipated its new owner would soon empty and ideally a degree in mechanical engineering In the spirit of Orios recent campaign stayoriginal the company took the car into its care and began restoration by removing all the rust sorting out its many dents and scratches and re-spraying the entire car. They then set about replacing everything necessary to return the car to peak condition. Attention to detail Three technicians spent 55 hours rebuilding the engine reinstating much of the cars tired interior and replacing anything they considered might break down within the next twelve months and there was a lot. How Orio successfully rejuvenated a sad Saab SAAB TORQUE 2015 5 An astonishing result The results were simply staggering and need to be seen to be believed. See for yourself this amazing restoration project and witness the determination skills and involvement displayed by Orio and its professional teams by going to orio.comstayoriginal. Then relax knowing whatever your Saab might need in the future Orio is there for you too SAAB TORQUE 20156 Improve your surroundings Its the little touches that count Why choose Saab Original Choosing inferior parts can cause loss of performance damage or even compromise the safety of you and your passengers. But as a Saab Original part or accessory will be specifically designed for your model youll have no trouble with fitting or performance and your vehicle will continue to function just as it was originally designed to do. Upgrading your Saab neednt cost a lot. And the results can be quite rewarding as well as eye-catching as just a few individual touches inside and out can make your vehicle really stand out. Take a look at the suggestions weve lined up here and then contact your nearest Service Centre to see how you can upgrade your Saab. From simple mats and mudflaps to inspired interior and exterior styling opportunities outstanding alloy wheels and even touch-up paints to deal with those annoying stone chips. SAAB TORQUE 2015 7 This will get a great reception No Saab owner would ever resort to the ubiquitous coat hanger that all too often replaces a vandalised standard aerial. Dont raid the wardrobe replace yours now with this distinctive sleek alternative. Step up a gear Why not continue the leather look with a discreetly matching gear knob. Warm to the touch its a very inexpensive way to add a little more motoring sophistication to your Saab. Its enough to turn your head This superbly elegant combination of soft black leather aluminium inserts gives the interior of any Saab a touch of luxury without exhausting your bank account. FROM 99 140 SAAB TORQUE 2015 7 SAAB TORQUE 20158 If youve any questions about upgrading your Saab with the right parts and accessories why not drop in for a coffee and a chat at your nearest Saab Service Centre For more information or to find your nearest Saab Service Centre visit 20 49 Flying carpets Another session with the vacuum cleaner just wont do it. Its time you replaced those tired worn and scruffy mats with a brand-new colour-matched set. Put your foot down and do it now 499 This is the wheel deal These super-stylish alloys not only look superb but theyre also specifically designed not to upset your cars handling or impair the cooling and efficiency of your brakes. Theyre a proper demonstration of why choosing Saab Original Parts is always the best way to go. Worn with pride No enamel badge can withstand the effects of sun and rain forever. Boot or bonnet they add a welcoming factory-fresh finishing touch to any Saab. All prices include fitting and VAT. Alloy Wheel Offer price includes fitting and VAT but not tyres or centre caps. The Company reserves the right to alter specifications and withdraw products from sale without notice. Any such alterations will be notified to authorised Saab Service Centres at the earliest opportunity. SAAB TORQUE 2015 9 Visit to view the full range available. Same-day delivery for Saab parts accessories and spares. Thanks to recent investment by Orio UK exclusive suppliers of Saab Original Parts UK Saab Service Centres now have immediate access to a brand-new UK Distribution Centre offering same-day and overnight delivery on Saab Original Parts. Whether its a repair or an upgrade its never been easier quicker or simpler to organise thanks to this new distribution centre. Theres no more waiting like the rest of the world for that vital part to arrive from the Nykoping global warehouse in Sweden. And no need to find alternative but inferior modes of transport as your Saab wont be out of commission for long as a result One click and its on its way Saab Direct Online the official UK Saab Store is where you can order Saab Original parts. Thats everything from service kits to brakes exhausts and turbos suspension and steering and more. And everything from wind deflectors mats mudflaps to exterior and interior styling from our genuine Saab accessories range. Saab stock shoots up in the UK SAAB TORQUE 201510 Get double peace of mind with Saab Accident Assist No excess to pay Unfortunately accidents happen but when they do Saab Accident Assist is the best choice to get you back on the road. Not only will your Saab be repaired to the highest standards you can also protect your policy excess at the same time. SAAB TORQUE 2015 11 Peace of mind from a professional repair Your insurer might not recommend a Saab Approved Bodyshop but remember whoever insures your vehicle you have the final say And only a Saab Approved Bodyshop can give you the peace of mind that comes with repairs carried out by Saab-trained professionals using only Saab Original Parts. Extra peace of mind for only 25.00 With insurance companies applying increasing excess charges Saab Accident Assist can help reduce the financial risk of an accident too. Its Peace of Mind Excess Waiver is an additional benefit that covers you for twelve months against excess charges up to 250 for only 25.00. And this can be extended for up to 3 years and up to 500 excess for even greater reassurance. Register your Saab for Peace of Mind protection today Saab Accident Assist is here to help take away all the aggravation of resolving an accident so just call 0844 050 2196 and leave the rest to us. To locate your nearest bodyshop from over 70 Saab Approved Bodyshops across the UK visit now. As your Saab inevitably gets older the logic of replacing old or worn parts with cheaper non-original parts becomes ever more persuasive. But follow that logic to its ultimate conclusion and youll no longer own an original Saab but a poor quality reproduction. And thats where Saab Fixed Price Repairs service comes into its own. Price Fitted inc vat Cambelt Waterpump change 349 Front brake pads 119 Rear brake pads 109 Front wiper blades pair 29 Brake fluid change 45 Battery Petrol or Diesel 99 Drop links pair 99 Coolant change 59 Warning light Diagnostic check 49 TiD engine is 349 and TTiD engine is 399. All offers exclude V6 engines XWD vehicles and New 9-5. At participating Saab Service Centres only. Is your Saab original or just a cheap copy Remember when you first decided to drive a Saab you did so for its unique combination of style and performance. Using Saab Fixed Price Repairs service means youll still be driving your dream and not an increasingly pale imitation. For more information or to find your nearest Saab Service Centre visit now. SAAB TORQUE 201512 It allows you to insist every time on Saab Original Parts for a fixed price that includes fitting. So you know just how much each job will cost. And theres the added bonus of knowing everything will be carried out by a Saab-trained technician. Giving you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in the best hands as well as in the best condition. SAAB TORQUE 2015 13 SAABP ROFESSIONAL CLE ANERS NEW INTROD UCING OUR NEW RANGE Time to clean up your act Were not talking about outside appearances here youre going deep inside your Saabs engine and exhaust system to perform a professional deep clean. Forget about bright and shiny bodywork for a moment and concentrate on sparkling performance. This unique range of Saab Professional Cleaners has been specially developed to regenerate and revitalise your engine and exhaust performance by eliminating the contamination that builds up over time and mileage reducing your engines efficiency and increasing your fuel costs at the same time. Petrol or diesel No matter whether your Saab is petrol or diesel-driven the storys the same. Removing contaminants from your engine fuel and oil systems not only improves starting lessens engine wear and increases performance its also a practical way to lower future maintenance costs. And its a little time well spent to lighten the strain on your engine as well as your wallet. Cut the cost of motoring with Saab Professional Cleaners Give your Saab the professional attention it deserves with Saab Professional Cleaners to lower fuel costs and revive performance. For more information and to find your nearest Saab Service Centre visit Saab Professional Diesel System Cleaner 300ml Saab Professional DPF Powerclean 375ml Saab Professional Fuel System Cleaner 300ml Saab Professional Oxygen Sensor Cleaner 300ml Saab Professional Oil System Cleaner 300ml Orio UK Limited. Registered office is Unit 30b Innovation Centre University Way Cranfield Technology Park Cranfield Bedfordshire MK43 0BT. This newsletter has been brought to you by Orio the sole supplier of Saab Original parts